Knife Assualt Survival Programme



KEITH COLLYER – Founder and Chief coach

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Keith has been active in a variety of Martial Arts and Self defence Systems over the past 18 years, and he has a keen interest in both personal fitness and physical conditioning, meaning that Krav Maga presented the ideal activity, as it works on a number of different levels.

He constantly trains in other martial arts and self defence systems in order to gain further knowledge to compliment and evolve the CROSS Krav Maga System.

Keith attends several tactical firearms training programs each year in France and Poland to gain a better understanding of firearms as he feels this is only right if you are teaching firearm disarms in our system. He has also taught  NLB (No Lie Blades) to Military and law enforcement in the USA and passed the NLB MIL/LA (Military & Law Enforcement) Instructor level 1, he is the first and only instructor to date who has this qualification outside the United States.

Keith also currently studies human investigation management  in order to get a better understanding of body language to help with teaching awareness and helps with scenario training in .

IAN REILLEY – Trauma First Aid Instructor(

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Ian is active in many different forms of First Aid instruction. He  is both trained in FPOS level 4 (First Person on Scene ) and also FREC 3 (First Response Emergency Care) along with Peadiatric First Aid and Frist Aid at work. He has had first hand experience of what works in a real life situation and what doesn't. He is passionate about teaching first aid and this comes across in his training. If  you attend the KASP course you will learn how to deal with Knife, gun and explosive injuries, through to life saving CPR and use of tourniquets. The First Aid instruction on this course is second to none! You will learn how to look after injuries to others and your self if the worse were to happen. 

NIALL WARD – NLP & Mind Reprogramming Instructor

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Niall has over 14 years experience of helping to empower people through NLP & practical  and positive mind programming skills. This will help ensure that when you learn the KASP techniques that they are tailored individually to you and your mindset so that you are best enabled to use what you have learned, decisively and with confidence. Formerly a Remote Medic he can help assist with rapid learning of both the First Aid and the mindset to absorb the skills for the KASP system . 

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