Knife Assualt Survival Programme




We can arrange for private tuition for up to 10 members of your business to be given expert tuition in awareness of situations along with not only how to deal with the majority of knife threats via experience of the most realistic training possible (called No Lie Blades) you will be able to see exactly what getting cut or attacked by a knife is like but without the injury! Step by step you will all be taught what may most likely to happen before, during and after a sustained knife attack and what to look for and how to best act. By careful guidance your team will gain not only confidence and ability quickly but also how to administer life saving first aid on either themselves or on others and how to deal with shock from such a dangerous situation. Very few people are able to teach so  well what is needed but by the end of the day you will walk away with not just a well earned certificate but with the ability if necessary of if you had to, exactly what to do. 

Give something valuable to your employees, give them the gift of awareness, skills and confidence of knowing what to do in a situation involving a bladed weapon.