Knife Assualt Survival Programme



 Krav Maga CCC (Civilian Coaching Course)
The CKMA  offers  one of the most comprehensive, highest standard of Krav Maga Instructor training in the world!
Why not become a CKMA coach or KASP instructor to add the full Krav Maga syllabus or our KASP Knife Assault Survival Program to your existing Martial Arts school or to open a stand-alone  CROSS Krav Maga Academy.

The CKMA  Coaching diploma - Civilian Coaching Course Levels, 

(known as CCCL's) are compiled of three parts referred to as CCCL1, CCCL2. CCCL3.

The total duration of the course is 135 hours (15 days).


The KASP instructor course is for 4 days ( 32 Hours). The KASP is also incorporated into the full CKMA Coaching course.

CCCL1 will qualify you as a basic level 1 CROSS Krav Maga Trainer, CCCL2 and 3 you will certify as a level 2 or 3 CROSS Krav Maga Coach.

The Civilian Coaching Course Levels (CCCL's) will educate you in Krav Maga and close quarter battle tactics, , various fighting techniques, Principles of Krav Maga,  Weapon defence, multiple attacker, ground survival ,  krav-spar, coaching teaching and practice methods, , basic management, promotion and marketing of your own academy and more.

During the course, participants will be supplied with the coaching manual, Operations manual,  pictures and Logo for future use once qualified, Grading and curriculum material, lessons plans and more. You will also be teaching at one of the classes on the course to give you confidence so when it comes to opening your own Academy it won't feel so daunting, we can also get a good idea on how you are developing as a coach and help with any issues if required.

A Trainer or Coaching Diploma will be issued to qualified participants by the CKMA. ( Instructor in KASP) The graduates of the course will join the CKMA and will work with the HQ  branch and operate according to our simple regulations.

CCCL4 Courses are run as and when required for CCCL3 Coaches.



    •    Over 18, Minimum of 2 years Krav Maga training with a recommended known Instructor, or

    •    4 years in another martial art with good punching and kicking skills/Brown belt.

    •    Relevant experience in teaching others or a recognised teaching qualification.

Personal Attributes:

    •    Good physical condition and general fitness.

    •    No criminal record by declaration.

    •    The ability to fund the course in full or  fully commit to payment options available.




    •    A telephone and/or one-2-one interview with the CKMA  Director Keith Collyer

    •    Physical Skills Assessment (subject to experience).

Please email or call for the next course dates

CCC Location:

The Self Defence Centre

HUT 4 Tilgate Park Recreation Centre

Tilgate Park, Crawley



Price £750 per Level.

KASP as a stand alone course £800

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