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Learn how not to become a victim

Surge In Knife and Gun Offences

A surge in gun and knife offences has helped fuel a 14% increase in crime across England and Wales in the last year.
Forces recorded 37,443 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the year ending September 2017 – a 21% increase compared with the same period the previous year.
Gun crime also went up by 20%, with 6,694 offences recorded.
Overall, police forces logged 5.3 million crimes.
Learn to protect yourself & others with this practical effective system

KASP integrates unarmed and armed combat, including edged weapon and knife use, from many different sources to create practitioners capable of dealing with any type of self defence situation. It combines elements in unique ways to create new approaches.


Although common attack scenarios are covered in the system, KASP is not a scenario based system per se. It focuses on achieving common objectives in virtually all scenarios, thereby making the system easier to learn, train and maintain and more immediately effective than many systems. The KASP system has been borne out of military systems such as krav maga, world war 2 British combatives and other self defence and martial arts systems i have trained in to a high standard.

Chief Instructor
Keith Collyer

My name is Keith Collyer and i am the founder of CROSS PROTECTION SERVICES LTD, we provide self  protection and defence training and works in unison with partners to help provide HERT courses and first aid medic training.

This course will teach you  how to protect yourself & how to save a life.....

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